10 Reasons Why You Should Look At Bitwig Studio TUTORiAL

10 Reasons Look At Bitwig Studio TUTORiAL

6 October 2022 | 850 MB

Protoculture’s back with us for a new course, and he’s putting forward a solid case for checking out Bitwig Studio.

Over these tutorials, Nate highlights some of the brilliant features that have persuaded him to move away from Cubase and now use Bitwig Studio as his go-to DAW.
From the simple speeding up of workflow and diving down the rabbit hole of ‘The Grid’ where you can build your own synths, plugins and effects to Note FX, Modulators and FX Containers – there’s so much to this DAW and Nate is only scratching the surface!

It’s not just a powerful tool that can inspire creativity and get the job done, it’s also the simplicity of the user interface that Nate loves, making the technical side of things straightforward and letting the DAW do all the hard lifting.
Switching your DAW is always a difficult decision when you’ve become so accustomed to a way of working but Bitwig Studio seems to tick all the right boxes here, and making that move may not be as daunting after all, especially after watching this course and seeing what it can do!

Definitely check this one out because we guarantee it’ll give you food for thought if you haven’t tried it already!


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