28 IR: EMT 240 (gold plated)

28 IR: EMT 240 (gold plated)

23 Apr 2022 | .irbulk | 29.5 MB

Originally promoted as the improved version of the large 140 plate reverb this plate from the early seventies is much smaller as it uses gold foil to get lush shimmery reverb sounds.

Martyn Heyne offered Audio Ease the opportunity to share his pristine sounding unit with all Altiverb users. Of course we did not hesitate and carefully sampled this unit together with Martyn. Although this plate was promoted as being true stereo, this unit does not sound any different when the input channels are switched. This is why this set features mono input stereo output IRs.

Martyn uses the plate with the -24 dB low cut and even adds a bit of treble boost. Apart from Martyn’s preferred settings this IR set also contains various options from no low cut to -24 dB low cut in four steps and four different damping settings.


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