30 Burnin’ Country Licks You MUST Know TUTORiAL

Country Licks You MUST Know TUTORiAL

P2P | 19 November 2020 | 779 MB

To solo fluently in any style you have to acquire a vocabulary of licks and their phrasing in that style to be able to improvise authentically. This is especially true for country guitar, where it’s not only important which notes to play but also how to phrase those notes. No other style of popular music demands as much technical mastery of right and left-hand techniques and that’s why so many blues, jazz, and even rock guitarists borrow and steal licks from the masters of country guitar.

In this collection of 30 Burnin’ Country Licks, master country guitarist, Lars Schurse fills your vocabulary with versatile licks inspired by legendary players including Brent Mason, Redd Volkaert, Albert Lee, Jerry Reed, and Johnny Hiland to name just a few.

”This collection of my favorite go-to licks and moves contains a lot of the techniques, phrasing concepts and pro tips that I’ve learned over the last 20 years of playing country. As you begin to understand the underlying concepts of these 30 licks, you’ll then be able to extract them and create your own signature set of licks.

Many of these licks are key specific and you’ll learn how to address all the challenges of a specific key, especially the ones used in electric Country soloing: A, G, C, and D. Most of these licks are played medium- and up-tempo. Some are played in a more bluesy vain, others use the major pentatonic scales.”

All of the licks are presented over a rhythm track and then broken down note-by-note, technique-by-technique. Every lick is played three times at regular speed, followed by three times at a slower pace. This ensures that you can pick up every nuance of every single technique within the lick. As a bonus, Lars added two full-length solos that contain several of the 30 Burnin’ Country Licks, so you can see them in action.




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