Acoustic Melodic House Themes Vol. 4 WAV

Acoustic Melodic House Themes Vol. 4 WAV

WAV 1.16 GB

Unveiling the fourth edition of Acoustic Melodic House Themes – your go-to source for unparalleled inspiration.
Created in collaboration with Orchestral Tools, this pack presents an array of premium melodic and percussive themes, designed to take your tracks on an evolutionary journey.

Crafted by four exceptional producers, discover a collection of mesmerizing tonal and atonal percussion loops, captivating melodic and harmony themes, and breathtaking atmospheres.

These elements serve as the cornerstone for organic and polished music production. Explore over 530 theme loops meticulously recorded by renowned session musicians in Germany’s top-notch studios and skillfully processed by professional producers. Each loop is professionally mixed and mastered to ensure the highest quality. Royalty free.

● 25 Arp Loops, 21 Atmos, 23 Bass Loops, 41 Combo, 29 FX & Texture, 100 Harmonic & Chord, 83 Percussion, 122 Tonal Percussion, 90 Sequences.

Royalty Free:
● Samples and Loops are always royalty free. You can use them in your professional and personal projects. See full license in the PDF “General License”.

Software required:
● No specific software required to follow along.


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