Afroplugin Drum VSTi AU WIN OSX [FREE]

Afroplugin Drum VSTi AU [FREE]

08.01.2021 | VSTi AU | 330 MB

Afroplug has announced the release of Afroplugin, a free drum VST instrument aimed at Reggaeton, Dancehall, Zouk, Afrobeats and similar music styles.

Afroplugin is a sample-based virtual instrument (ROMpler) containing a total of 120 sounds and 10 presets. The instrument has a 12-pad architecture, where each preset contains 12 drum and percussion samples spread across all pads.

Afroplugin alongside a MIDI controller (but not mandatory) is a great tool to exercise and create Afro and Urban Dance rhythms.

The demo below doesn’t properly highlight the sound of this drum VST – to make a clearer impression, look for the audio demos on the plugin page.

Each pad/sample has its controls for volume, pan and ADSR envelope. The other controls are global and apply for reverb, saturation and pitch.

The developer says Afroplugin is at its first version (beta) and you might encounter some bugs. But assures us that it is compatible with almost all popular DAWs.




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