Aiyn Zahev Sounds Transcend DIVA Presets [Presets ONLY]

Aiyn Zahev Sounds Transcend DIVA Presets

Presets Only | 900 Kb

Aiyn Zahev Sounds presents Transcend for u-he Diva. Featuring 351 Diva patches. This massive bank takes inspiration from melodic trance and techno typical of Afterlife releases, Tale Of Us, Bodzin, ARTBAT, and others.

The sound design explores the analog & organic side of Diva, making careful use of all the filter and oscillator choices available. There’s a wide range of sounds on offer, strong mono basses as well as wide lush unison patches, organic leads with soft attacks, and a long release as well as harder more cutting leads. Pads cover vintage to spacious, ambient & ethereal. The chord category uses Diva’s ability to stack and tune individual voices to deliver huge chords at the press of a button, perfect for a touch of old-school sampled chord sounds. Transcend also features plenty of plucks, arps and other synth sounds to give you inspiration, all tagged and organized into their own folders for easy access.

Patches are tagged and labelled, with modwheel assignments on most presets. This bank also includes the new drag and drop installer format. The newest version of Diva is recommended 1.4.5

Transcend for Diva includes:
36 Arp, 37 Bass Long, 36 Bass short, 10 Chord, 16 Drum, 20 FX, 56 Leads, 50 Pad, 33 Pluck, 22 Sequence, 35 Synth

– 351 Diva Patches



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