AKAI MPC full content usb updater

AKAI MPC full content

MPC | 6.82 GB

This is the content reinstall file for the MPC Live 1 & 2, for those that deleted the factory content installed on the internal drive.

This is NOT compatible with the MPC One.

You can reinstall the factory content using an autorun folder. Download the folder and follow the provided instructions.

Akai MPC Content Reinstall:

1. Download the .zip file.

2. Unzip the downloaded file.

3. Copy the contents onto either a USB stick, or an SD card (exFAT format, at least 16GB capacity), and make sure this content is placed in the root directory of the removable device – do NOT place the content inside a folder on the removable drive. *

4. Turn on MPC and wait until the Demo selection screen pops up.

5. Plug in the prepared USB stick or SD card.

* 6. A popup will appear asking if you want to download the contents. Press “YES”.*

7. The MPC will reboot to a black screen and will start importing the content. DO NOT POWER OFF UNIT.

8. Unit will reboot after it has completed the import, and the content will be be available thereafter as normal.

To be absolutely clear, the path will be sdcarddriveletter:autorun*.*

* The MPC will no longer prompt to install. Make sure you have enough battery power for the installation process to complete, the process will take approximately 15 minutes, there will be no progress indicator during the install process. *


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