Alien Vanguard for Blofeld Presets

Alien Vanguard for Blofeld Presets

Presets | 611 Kb

By HG Fortune and Dimitri Schkoda. *Requires License SL*. What sets this Alien Vanguard soundset apart are the waves by HG Fortune, extending the sonic range of the Waldorf Blofeld into far outer space. This soundset features mostly patches for Ambient, Soundscapes and Atmospherics, but also some other classic stuff, for example, some bass and sequencer sounds for e.g. early TD type and related music.
Alien Vanguard (incl. waveset) by HG Fortune & Dimitri Schkoda (aka Inner Dreamer) includes two patchbanks with 128 patches each:

AlienVanguard HGF-Bank-*.mid by HG Fortune
AlienVanguard ID-Bank-*.mid by Dimitri Schkoda

The soundset comes with 86 well chosen wave programs in 5 genres:

Cpl – complex i.e. mostly layered sounds
Scp – soundscapes partly generated from images and as such showing some vivid sonic motion by itself
Syn – synthesizer sounds
Cho – synthetic choir sounds
FX – effect sounds (spacey as well as natural like birds and water)

On request the waveset has been set to 86 wave programs in order to maintain space for the factory set which does fit well along.

HG Fortune has been into synthesizers since 1975 and is well known for his very special VSTi plugin creations since 2003. Dimitri Schkoda aka Inner Dreamer is the most prolific patch designer and composer of demotracks for HGFortune VSTi plugins since late 2004.

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