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Just For Kicks WAV

July 4th 2022 | WAV | 10 MB

Just For Kicks is a collection of production ready kick drum samples suitable for all kinds of club music with attitude.
Whether it’s Tech House, US Garage, Garage House, Deep House or Techno, these kicks will hopefully become your Ark of the foot drum.

What’s Inside?

100 Kick Drums
30 Subs
30 Toppers

All kick drums have been meticulously recorded and processed using a variety of compression and EQ methods to ensure instantly useable sound sources. They have all been low cut at around 30hz to remove unnecessary sub frequencies thereby freeing up more headroom in your mix.

Every sound has been edited to ensure tight start points and any trailing machine or format noise (signal path, vinyl, tape etc) has been filtered out where required to ensure super clean end points, this also includes removing any nasty transient pops or clicks often found in some commercially available kick drum samples. Finally all samples have been rendered to 24bit / 44.1khz Mono WAV files (as nobody needs a Stereo kick drum) and volume matched so that they all sit around -3db.

Recorded and produced by Grant Nelson at Swing City Digital, UK.


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