Analog Prn PS-20 Presets

Analog Prn PS-20 Presets

Presets for Cherry Audio’s PS-20 | 183.14 KB

Contains 120 retro-inspired presets for Cherry Audio’s PS-20 synthesizer. With a name like ‘Analog Porn’, expect to hear plenty of that beautifully raunchy character the vintage MS20 hardware is known for. You’ll get lots of grimy basses, filthy leads, dusty keys, greasy pads and more. The patch cable section has been used extensively, often creating sounds that simply aren’t possible in most synths. Also, each preset is velocity sensitive and has the modwheel assigned for more expressive playing.

Grab your copy today and get nasty! Add some sleazy grit to your Synthwave track, toughen up that Trap beat, or bring in a screaming solo to your live rock band. Fire up some Analog Porn and satiate that nagging need for those unique and grunged-up retro sounds that made the MS-20 famous!


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