Analog Tools 3: Multi-Key Madness WAV Analog Lab Bank-FANTASTiC

Analog Tools 3: Multi-Key Madness WAV Analog Lab Bank

FANTASTiC | 24 May 2024 | 405 MB

Analog Tools 3, where do I begin? Firstly, you seriously won’t find these presets anywhere on the internet.

That’s because they were created with the real intention of innovating.

Forget all the recycled Analog Lab presets, this bank is an instant power-up to your sound.

Listen to the demos and tell me I’m lying, this is our best Analog Lab Bank yet.

Created by an ambassador at Waves Crate, @prodkeyon wanted to find a new generational sound within the VST. I’m proud to say that he figured it out! Multi-Key presets are multiple presets in one.

Expanding your true creativity with 3+ tones & moving textures you won’t hear in a regular Analog Lab preset (3 sounds in one note).

Heard enough? We’re just getting started.

“It needs more innovation” says Keyon.

Upgrading the Multi-Key concept, he curated a new inspiring preset category that gives you more of an hands on approach to shape your sounds when using these Velocity-Keys.

Deriving from word “velocity” it’s pretty simple to explain, the higher/lower velocities you go, the sound changes. This will give you full control when shaping a melody.

Analog Tools 3 puts the main spotlight on the presets in Analog Lab V.
However, it also comes with bonuses when investing in this pack. Once again, previews are available to listen, bless your ears.


Includes 40+ phrases, accents, and textures to use as building blocks to inspire an idea, or add to the one you were already making. Trust in the analog sound.

Includes 20+ chord runs made using the multi-keys and other synths to design a great ambiance to fit in the background. Using these makes the little things in your samples matter.

Using some of the newest guitar pedals and custom VSTs, the pedal constructs offer you a bizarre world of textural delays, weird guitar chops, distorted reverbs, damaged looping patterns, and way more.

These are meant to challenge your process and use them to the best of their ability.

Vocal Tapes (Vocal Stash) includes 25+ vocal runs, vocal textures, & hooks to add a crazy twist within your music. Shoutout to @keymajorbeatz for being a huge help on these.


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