Astriid BitDOS Win Mac Linux [FREE]

Astriid BitDOS Win Mac Linux [FREE]

Free | Win Mac Linux | 58 MB

Bit-Destruction of Sound
A bit-inverting industrial distortion plugin for Windows/MacOS/Linux with VST3/AU/LV2
An 8-bit distortion that will absolutely destroy whatever sound you run into it!

Click on any one of the 8 bits to invert it. Click it again and that bit will always be set to a hard zero no matter what is thrown into it.

The further left the bit, the louder and more intense the distortion. And by loud I mean LOUD.

Reset the bit back to normal mode by clicking it one more time after it’s set to “hard zero” mode.

(Hint: green is normal mode for that bit, amber is inverted mode, and red is hard zero mode)

Change input and output volume as well as wet/dry blend by clicking on the BitDOS logo. Change the mode from unsigned 8bits to signed 8bits by clicking the floppy drive.

(Hint: green floppy LED is unsigned mode, red is signed mode)

Perfect for industrial, EBM, harsh noise wall, or whatever genre where you just wanna destroy your sound!


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