BA-1 v1.5.0 Incl Keygen [WiN macOS]-R2R

BA-1 v1.5.0 (WiN macOS)

Team R2R | 19 Mar 2024 | WiN: 22.6MB | MAC: 139.4MB

Analog-Modeled Synth plugin (VST/AU/AAX)
Meet Hardware Realism

BA-1 is an analog-modeled synth that brings you closer than ever to pure and authentic 1980s textures in a plugin. Just like the real hardware, it’s dead-simple to program, surprisingly versatile, and dripping with sonic color.

The all-new BA-1 FX Strip lets you add gritty 80s effects to any track in your DAW. Expand the list to see all v1.5 updates.

What’s new in in BA-1 v1.5
BA-1 v1. 5 is a free update. Download it by following the links in your original order email. New users get v1.5 automatically.

✱ New Effect Plugin – BA-1 FX Strip:
BA-1 isn’t just an analog modeled synthesizer. It also offers a meticulously modeled FX section, based on budget 1980s rack effects. Users have been asking for a standalone edition of BA-1’s effects chain since the early days and here it is! Use the FX Strip to run any audio through BA-1’s virtual circuits and add 80s-flavored drive, filtering, delay, reverb, chorus – and even BA-1’s speaker simulator.

✱ Arpeggiator:
Arpeggiators were an essential ingredient in the synth sounds of the 80s. For BA-1 v1.5, we’ve added a hands-on, hardware-style arpeggiator with three modes (up, down, up/down) and a three octave range. The arp allows for un-syncing from the host tempo for more authentic (i.e. slightly out of time!) effects.

✱ Flexible Chorus parameter:
The original BA-1 offered a simple on/off chorus effect, reminiscent of the Junos and other classic 80s synths. In v1.5, the chorus can now be set anywhere between 0% and 100% for more creative flexibility.

✱ Easter eggs:
The colored dots between BA-1’s segments reveal some new additional synth parameters when clicked. LFO fade adds ramp time to the modulation wave that gradually (or abruptly) fades up to its set frequency for a more unpredictable LFO effect. Chaos introduces nonlinear behavior in the reverb and chorus algorithms for dissonance and unpredictable pitch glides.

✱ Improved preset browser:
BA-1’s preset manager has a vastly improved workflow in v1.5. Search presets by name, filter by pack, or mark patches with color-coded tags to remember them. You can easily import packs, create your own or browse the available BA-1 Expansions to add more sounds to your synth.

✱ New UI theme:
See BA-1 from a fresh perspective with the new black and red UI theme.


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