Battalion v1.0.3 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R

Battalion v1.0.3 R2R

Team R2R | 2024.04.17 | 387.4 MB

Battalion delivers the diverse tonalities and parameters of iconic drum synths with the sampling capabilities and accessibility of modern drum machines. Whether you want to generate solid-studio beats in minutes or tweak and experiment to create something completely original, Battalion has all the tools you need.

Quick and diverse beat generation
Make beats with Battalion in three easy ways: create beats in the synth section, use Battalion’s vast sample library, or process your own samples.

Responsive beat arrangement
Arrange your beats into compelling combinations with the intuitive graphic sequencer. Create patterns from scratch or adapt presets to your needs.

Essential and deep beat transformation
Enhance and radically manipulate your beats with a wealth of essential and other-worldly synth parameters in the dedicated Tone, Modulation, Envelope and LFO sections.

Beats for all genres
From driving trap beats to haunting industrial pulses, regardless of your genre, Battalion has the beats for you.

Command the stage with performance mode

Use Battalion’s performance mode in your DJ sets or live performances to trigger, loop, and manipulate sounds on the fly and create moments of inspiration with ease.

Synth section
Create compelling tones and timbres from the ground up with a synth section featuring 20 distinct synthesis engines. Explore iconic 80s drum machine sounds, 00s clicks and cuts, and synth sounds that will take you to another dimension – all the essential synth sounds you need for drum production.

Battalion’s sample section is a dedicated space for loading, playing, and modifying samples, featuring four sample modes: Classic, Phase Warp, Cloner, and Granular.

Combine synth and sample generators
Seamlessly move between sampling and synth generators with the on-board BLEND slide for the best of both worlds and totally unique combinations.

A versatile and intuitive drum production environment
Give your performances something special, deliver solid beats quickly, layer complex rhythms that pulse with life, and create beats that sound like nothing you’ve ever heard – all with the power of Battalion.


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