Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit Vol 3 for Korg Wavestate

Berlin School Ambient Construction Kit Vol 3

Presets | 1.51 Mb

Welcome to the third volume in the “Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit” series of soundbanks for the amazing KORG Wavestate synthesizer. It was built over a period of 12 months and was completed in April 2023.

This soundbank has 21 original Performances. All Performances contain four Layers with multiple Lanes of Wave Sequences, designed to be easy to tweak and reshape as you play them live. Most of the Layers use Arpeggiators which interact with the Wave Sequences to transform the rhythm, pitch, timbre and dynamics of the notes from the Arpeggiator. The individual Layers in a Performance are designed so they work well together and can play alone – just like individual members of a band.

The soundbank works with both the Wavestate hardware synthesizer and the Wavestate Native software plug-in.


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