Best of Piano Classics 2: 40 Arrangements of Famous Classical Masterpieces PDF

Best of Piano Classics 2

English | 125 pages | (March 27, 2018) | PDF | 9 MB

Following the success of the first volume of Best of Piano Classics (ED 9060), Schott now presents another collection with a selection of 40 arrangements of popular classical masterpieces for the discerning amateur pianist to use over the years. The contents include great works from Bach to Gershwin, ranging from chamber music, symphonies and concertos through to opera.

This selection of musical favourites presents the best known and loveliest pieces of classical music from the Baroque era through to the 20th Century, from Air to Rhapsody in Blue. With fingerings, tempo and pedal suggestions added, these appealing arrangements for advanced players are in easy to read modern printed scores. Recommended not only for tuition purposes, but for all those who enjoy playing the piano in their leisure time.


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