Bettermaker Bundle 2024.05.22 macOS [HCiSO]

Bettermaker Bundle 2024.05.22 macOS [HCiSO]

TEAM HCiSO | 22 May 2024 | 524.25 MB

Premium quality analog mastering processing with patented digital recall from your DAW. Crafted for professional mastering, mix engineers, and music producers. When you need premium sound quality and convenience of fast and precise recall and automation.

→ Bettermaker BM60
The studio sound of 80s digital reverb

• Algorithm from iconic 80s digital reverb hardware reborn
• Room and plate reverbs
• Ultra-Low CPU usage for extensive use across multiple tracks without overloading system resources
• Extensive adjustable reverb parameters including, Time, Length, Contour, Bass, Treble, Predelay, Monofier, Width, and Ducker
• Dynamic room simulation
• Variable density plate reverb
• Convolution reverb with a library of captured spaces

→ Bettermaker Bus Compressor
The VCA bus compressor plugin for your instrument buses, vocal bus, and stereo bus

• Threshold, Ratio, Attack, and Release controls
• Auto Release mode that sets the release time based on musical content
• Mix knob to apply parallel compression
• Gain control to add positive or negative makeup gain
• Internal/external sidechain filtering options
• VCA THD that applies subtle saturation
• Peak and RMS detection modes
• Input, output, and gain reduction meters
• Choose between freely adjustable or stepped knob settings
• Factory presets

→ Bettermaker EQ232D
Makes Your Music Better

• Developed by the original Bettermaker team!
• 5 EQ filters on each channel, including 2 classic Pultec sections, 2 highpass filters, and 4 parametric filters with wide frequency ranges.
• Passive “P EQ” section comprised of shelving filters based on legendary Pultec EQ filters, including separate boost and attenuation knobs.
• 24dB/Oct highpass filter
• 2 Parametric filters per channel cover frequencies from 15Hz to 15kHz.
• Lots of presets to kick start your workflow, including 4 exclusive mastering and mix buss presets made by Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI
• Stereo, Dual Mono, M/S modes
• Painstaking modeled on one of the most trusted EQ brands in the world of professional mastering with an amazing feature set, outstanding sound, and an intuitive interface.

→ Included:
• Bettermaker BM60 1.0.0
• Bettermaker Bus Compressor 1.0.0
• Bettermaker EQ232D 1.1.0

Bettermaker BM60 Changelog
Bettermaker Bus Compressor Changelog
Bettermaker EQ232D Changelog

Supported Operation System:
• macOS 10.14 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


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