Biz Billboard Chords 1.0 EDM Edition MIDI-DECiBEL

Biz Billboard Chords 1.0 EDM MIDI

DECiBEL | 31 May 2022 | 71.5 KB

Legally access to 200 chord progressions midi files inspired by the greatest EDM tracks (Avicii, Calvin Harris, Kygo, Alan Walker, Martin Garrix & more).

Purchasing this pack means owning chord progressions that have been proven to generate billions and billions of streams.

It’s 100% Time
It’s time to reach that radio-worthy hit by simply producing your next hit around one of these chord progressions. Remember, the chord progression is the solid foundation of a great track.

It’s 100% Legal
Unlike melodies, chord progressions can’t be copyrighted. Therefore, you can use them 100% legally in your own productions.

It’s 100% Royalty-Free
Everything is 100% royalty-free. So you keep all the money generated by the music you produce with this product.


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