Bloom Drum Breaks v1.0.0 Incl Keygen (WiN and macOS)-R2R

Bloom Drum Breaks v1.0.0 (WiN macOS)-R2R

Team R2R | 2024.03.01 | 166.3 MB/518.4 MB

Bloom Bundle. Instrument Bundles by Excite Audio.

Find your Inspiration with Bloom
The Bloom Series brings together a collection of instantly inspiring and playable instruments. Built from a loops, one-shots and phrases, these instruments have been engineered and curated to provide a stunning sonic experience out of the box. Phrases can be triggered, transformed and rearranged to add unique elements to your music — all in key and in time with your project.

Load up an instrument, choose your key signature and tempo, select a bank of samples or a preset and trigger one of 14 bpm-synced phrases spread across 2 octaves. White notes trigger samples and loops, while black notes change properties like playback speed and tuning as well as trigger custom-made sequences and effect modulation. Each instrument comes loaded with four macro controls that command a unique curated chain of effects, their settings expertly tuned to samples that form each instrument.

BLOOM VOCAL AETHER – Effortless Vocals
Bloom Vocal Aether combines vocal loops, one-shots and phrases into a playable instrument that has been engineered and curated to provide a stunning sonic experience out of the box.”

Bloom Drum Breaks fuses high-energy drum loops, fills and one-shots into a dynamic and playable instrument, made to infuse your tracks with rhythmic vitality and designed to provide for genres that thrive on rhythm.

The Bloom Bundle is exclusive to our store and available for a limited only.


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