Bowed Colors Cello Vol 3 KONTAKT

Bowed Colors Cello Vol 3 KONTAKT


Emotive Chinese Cello Library
Explore the emotive depths of traditional Chinese music with Bowed Colors Cello Vol 3, featuring expressive performances by virtuoso Paul Stender. Each note resonates with centuries-old tradition and profound sentiment. Let these organic and lyrical tones transport you to a world of depth and inspiration.

Modern Design Interface
Crafted specifically for Kontakt 7, Cello Vol 3 showcases a user-friendly interface designed for effortless navigation.
By employing sophisticated scripting techniques, we offer precise and seamless control over the intricate textures of this instrument, ensuring an immersive musical experience.

A Beautiful Collaboration
In partnership with virtuoso musician Paul Stender and the DA’s Office, Bowed Colors Cello Vol 3 was curated as part of a private samples collection, aimed at infusing life and movement into your compositions.

Emotive Performances
Focusing on life and movement, we’ve captured emotive performances across diverse techniques. This treasure trove of distinctive and inspiring textures awaits your next production.
The Colors series aims to explore alternative avenues for uncovering musicality within the samples.

Virtuoso Performance
Spark your musical inspiration and ignite your next masterpiece.
Played by a virtuoso musician, this emotive cello transports you into the mesmerizing beauty of China.
Discover a treasure trove of unique and emotionally inspiring textures awaiting your next production.

Cinematic Inspiration
– Textural-based performances
– Inspired by Chinese music
– Perfect for adding extra life and movement to your music
– Instruments’ practical range sampled for all techniques
– Performances that have a raw and human quality

Beautifully Sampled
– A beautiful and unique sounding instrument
– Virtuoso performances
– All samples at 48khz 24bit
– Close detailed recording
– Recorded with state-of-the-art equipment

Kontakt 7 Player
In partnership with Native Instruments we are able to include the latest version of their free Kontakt player.
In other words. if vou don’t own Kontakt no problem!
The free plaver comes with this library.

NKS 2.0 Integration
Bowed Colors Cello Vol 3 is compatible with all NKS hardware.
This provides seamless integration with their technology for an intuitive workflow.

Works with Kontakt FULL or Kontakt Player v7.8.1 or later!


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