Children Adult Easy Introduction to Piano TUTORiAL

Children Adult Piano TUTORiAL

P2P | 06 June 2022 | 3.59 GB

Delighted to share with you my experience and introduction to the piano, and weird and wonderful world of music. I hope this will be the start of a life long love affair that will no doubt infuriate you at times, but will also give you many hours of enjoyment. I start from the very start (with middle C on the piano) and assume absolutely no prior experience of the piano.

This may be good for those playing before and need an elementary course to cover the basics and get you back on track. All material is shown on screen as we play for you to follow and play along. Be sure to master each level before moving to the next. By the end of the course you will be able to read the ten notes of each finger, with thumbs on middle C (from F below middle C to G above middle C), and have a good foundation in reading music, including note pitches, values and rests. For younger children learning (maybe 8 and under) I would recommend an adult supervising, and perhaps learning too. Adults and teenagers will go through the sessions faster, but with busy schedules are too often short on time, so its important to be purposeful with regular practice. It doesn’t need to be long – just 10/15mins a day at this stage. As with all things – practice makes perfect!!!!

Section 1: Introduction – Lets go!!!
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Lesson 2 – New Note D & B
Lecture 2 The Train & The Seabees
Section 3: Lesson 3 – Time Signatures and the Dotted Minim
Lecture 3 March of the Gnomes and Dance of the Gnomes
Section 4: New Notes E and A
Lecture 4 Mary Had a Little Lamb & The Paratrooper
Section 5: Both Hands and more counting
Lecture 5 Marching Up & Down and Ragtime Raggles
Section 6: New Note Left hand G and Hands at the same time!!
Lecture 6 The Chimes and Funny Faces
Section 7: Three Notes Together and Rests
Lecture 7 Old MacDonald and Blow the Man Down
Section 8: New Note F with Right Hand
Lecture 8 The Chimes and Yankee Doodle
Section 9: Tied Notes and Keep Reading Carefully!!
Lecture 9 Down a River and Carry Me Back (various titles for these in different editions)
Section 10: New Note G with Right Hand
Lecture 10 Down a River and Carry Me Back (various titles for these in different editions)
Section 11: New Note F with Left Hand
Lecture 11 Ina Rickshaw and The Banjo Picker
Section 12: New Note F with Left Hand
Lecture 12 In a Rickshaw and The Banjo Picker
Section 13: You Made It!!! Princess Waltz
Lecture 13 Princess Waltz – Well Done.


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