Chimerator v2.0.0 WiN-MOCHA

Chimerator v2.0.0 WiN

MOCHA | VST3 / AAX | 3.1 MB

This plugin provides a unique effect for vocal or instrument tracks, which is best experienced rather than described (scroll down to listen). The plugin features two meticulously crafted frequency response filters, both filters selectively capture those frequencies that coincide with musical notes. One of the filters is resonant and can produce a nice reverb effect reminiscent of chimes, when dialed to its limits. The purpose of Chimerator is to reduce non-musical frequencies, resulting in distinct outcomes for various audio signals. Just give it a try.

How to use Chimerator
To begin, keep the Gain knob as it is and turn the Dry/Wet knob to its maximum setting, so that you can hear the effect of the filter clearly. You can choose between the two filters using the “Reverberated” check box. Next, adjust the Gain and Q knobs to achieve a sound that you find pleasing. It’s that straightforward! You can then blend the effect with the original signal using the Dry/Wet control, or tweak the final Gain as needed.


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