Creative Spaces for Poly Space

Creative Spaces for Poly Space

Poly Space Presets | 11.12 KB

Venture into the uncharted

Dive into the vast expanse of ambient possibilities with Creative Spaces. This meticulously crafted expansion pack offers a brave new world of reverb presets, each designed to challenge the boundaries of space and sound. Whether you’re sculpting immersive soundscapes or looking to add depth to your tracks, Creative Spaces equips you with unique sounds that are as expansive as the universe itself. Elevate your music to unexplored dimensions with reverbs that range from the subtle to the profound, all within the touch of a dial.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Usage of the Creative Spaces DLC requires Poly Space. It is sold separately and not included in this product.

Works with Poly Space
Poly Space is a modern, studio-quality ambient reverb plugin. Poly Space combines pristine DSP algorithms with vivid impulse responses that transport you to a realm of blissful sounds. Take your sound on an adventurous journey with a variety of reverb algorithms, a convolution engine, and delays. There are over 50 carefully designed DSP reverb setups to help you get started.


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