Crusy Track from Scratch 2024 MP4

Crusy Track from Scratch 2024 MP4

Video Tutorial | 1.2GB

Total runtime: 1hr 6mins
Studio One
Toolroom Academy

Join Crusy in his studio to witness his efficient and effective deep house production – from selecting sound sources and samples to crafting rhythm sections, melodic elements, and structuring a full track.

Starting on his musical journey in 2011, Crusy has captivated global DJs, gaining endorsements for his music and reaching expansive audiences. Hailing from Madrid, this influential electronic artist, aka Mikel Ortega Huerga, has collaborated with industry giants like Mark Knight, Low Steppa, and Dombresky. Crusy is here to impart his songwriting and production wisdom, revealing the efficient process behind his approach to deep house.

In this hour-long course, Crusy showcases his rapid workflow and intuitive decision-making, transforming a simple initial idea into a fully-formed track. Starting with sound selection, he dissects sample pack loops using splicing, editing, and repitching techniques to construct the rhythmic foundation of his project. Crusy then integrates bass to complement his drums, incorporates atmospheric spatial elements, melodic tops, and vocals. Maintaining a minimal, cohesive arrangement, he introduces one-time variations to keep up momentum, and increases tension through modulating effects.

While this course is universally applicable to all music creation software, Crusy demonstrates his expertise in his preferred DAW, Studio One. Along the way, he utilizes plugins from Waves, Cableguys, FabFilter and ValhallaDSP, showcasing a minimal yet precisely honed plugin palette. He employs Pro-Q 3 for sculpting and filtering, ShaperBox for sidechaining, ValhallaRoom for spatial sound design and selects bass and melodic presets with his preferred VST, u-he Diva. You can follow along in any DAW, and most DAWs offer built-in software that’s more than capable of achieving the same results.

In this course Crusy guides you through the entire process of crafting a deep house track from scratch. Whether replicating his track or creating something new, you can apply the concepts and techniques demonstrated. Feel free to revisit the densely packed course repeatedly, focusing on specific aspects of Crusy’s workflow as many times as needed.

Explore deep house with Crusy as your guide, gaining first-hand insights into his workflow and expertise in crafting a full track out of a blank project.


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