FANTASTiC | 05 June 2024 | 494 MB

Cryptic is the ultimate Multi Kit for melody and beat creation. With 555 sounds, you will never get bored when making beats!

Right now the kit has:

•111 Analog Lab presets ready to go (Value 49.99$)
•40 Portal presets to make unique melodies(Value 29.99$)
•50 accents to spice up your Beats (Value 29.99$)
•10 Child Choirs to make fire Nardo Wick/Future Type Beats (Value 9.99$)
•50 midi for drums and melodies (Value 19.99$)
•20 textures in nardo wick style to create a dark atmosphere (Value 9.99$)
•BONUS Enigma Drum kit to add fire drums to your melodies (with 40 loops, 39 one shots, and 30 accents too!)
•BONUS 30 Loops
•BONUS Fl Studio Ultimate Template to stay organized!

Analog Lab Bank Sauce up your melodies.
•111 Unique Presets for Analog Lab VST
•All sound designed by myself to ensure that you have every sound that you need to make hard beats.
•All Sounds are Rendered in a separate folder
•So you don’t need to have Analog Lab V to be able to use all the sounds.
•Get all the Sounds that you Need
•Arps, Pianos, Guitars, Pads, Keys, Bells and more instruments so that you never run out of sounds.

Portal Bank Create crazy textures and melodies.
•50 Unique Presets
•All the presets are hand-crafted by me, to help you create unique and crazy textures and melodies.
•Stand out from Everyone else
•These presets will let you shape you own sound, but still being able to meet artists needs.

Accents Create unique melodies.
•50 Unique Accents Phrases
•All sound designed by myself to help you spice up your melodies.
•Get Instant Inspiration
•You can use them as starters or just to complement your melodies, so that you never face beatblock again.

Loop Kit Make beats quicker.
•30 Hard Loops
•To make beats faster and improve your drums game.
•Different styles of Loops
•Different styles to help you master different sounds and have fun doing it.

Enigma Multi Kit Insane kit included.
•With 30 Accents, 40 Loops, 60 One Shots, Drums Sounds
•Included with the Cryptic Multi Kit you will receive the Enigma Multi Kit for FREE.
•Hi Hats, Snares, Claps, Percs, 808’s, Kiks, Basses
•To add insane drums to your beats.

Textures Start your beats with the right foot.
•20 Dark Textures
•Start your next beat in the right way using these dark and crazy textures.
•Insant inspiration
•Beat Block? no problem, you can use them as starters and create fire beats!

Midi Kit To make beats faster.
•Get Hi Hats, 808’s, Melody And More Midis
•When you are feeling lazy, just drag a midi and you will find instant inspiration.
•Easy drums
•Never run short of inspiration, and save time in sessions!


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