DEEPSY Psytrance Basslines MiDi WAV Serum Presets-ARCADiA

DEEPSY Psytrance Basslines MiDi WAV Serum Presets

Team ARCADiA | MiDi WAV Serum Presets | 4.79 MB

DeePsy is the latest addition to Sonicspore’s MIDI collection, designed specifically for psytrance music producers.

Following the arpeggio collection (ArPsy) and the pack dedicated to rhythmic sequences and riffs (StePsy), it was only natural to introduce a collection of MIDI Clips focusing on psytrance basslines, the pulsating heart of every captivating track.

The objective of DeePsy is crystal clear: to provide you with an extensive array of creative ideas, offering hundreds of alternatives to the typical monotonous, dull, and uninspiring basslines.

With DeePsy, you gain access to a diverse range of engaging rhythmic solutions. You can explore intricate and unique patterns inspired by styles such as Twilight, Forest, Full-on, Prog, Goa-trance, Hi-tech, and Darkpsy.

These patterns span across various musical scales, providing numerous structural options for your basslines.

Dive straight into the atmosphere of tracks by your favorite artists like Ajja, Tristan, Jumpstreet, Radikal Moodz, Fungus Funk, Braicell, and capture the energy of influential labels such as Nano, Parvati, Looney Moon, Iono Records, and many more.

The pack consists of a compressed file;

after downloading and extracting the files, you will find two folders:

MIDI Clips (150 Midi Clips):
Bonus (5 Sample Kicks + 5 Bass Presets for Xfer Serum VST):
The usage procedure is remarkably simple:

To get an audio signal from DeePsy’s MIDI clips,

– drop any DeePsy MIDI file into a MIDI track in your project.

– Then, assign your preferred VST preset to the track, and watch as your bassline instantly comes to life, becoming much more stimulating!

You can keep the chosen clip as is or decide to modify it according to your needs.

Thanks to the flexibility of the MIDI format, any file in the collection can be edited, rearranged on your piano roll, cut, or stitched together to create endless variations.

All files are based on the key of G but can be easily transposed to match your track’s key.


– Drag & Drop Midi Files
– Customizable Files (Transposeable and Editable to any key.)
– Coveres many different musical scales.
– Suitables for Psytrance – Twilight – Forest- Old school – Prog – Full-on – Hi-tech – DarkPsy.
– Works at any tempo (BPM)
– Compatibles with any Daw and any Virtual Synth
DEEPSY is 100% Royalty Free!



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