Demonic Pulse Sample Pack WAV

Demonic Pulse Sample Pack WAV

13.01.2024 | 201.9 MB

“Demonic Pulse” Sample Pack by Sound Planet, a sinister collection of audio elements designed to infuse your music with an otherworldly and haunting atmosphere. This meticulously crafted sample pack, boasting a substantial 616MB+ of content, delivers an expansive range of demonic sounds that will elevate your productions to a realm of darkness and intensity.

The heart of this pack lies in its 140 sound filf, drawn from gritty pads, dark piano strings, and ominous synth loops. These elements have been expertly curated to provide a diverse palette of demonic textures, allowing you to experiment and create eerie sonic landscapes with ease.

Embrace the ominous aura with atmospheric pads that weave a chilling tapestry, setting the stage for an immersive musical journey. The dark piano strings add a touch of macabre elegance, while the haunting synth loops inject an electrifying sense of foreboding into your compositions.

Whether you’re producing dark ambient, cinematic scores, or electronic genres that crave a touch of the supernatural, the “Demonic Pulse” sample pack offers an unparalleled collection of sounds to fuel your creativity. Immerse yourself in the depths of the abyss and unleash the demonic energy within your music.

Key Features:

140 meticulously crafted sound filf
Gritty pads, dark piano strings, and ominous synth loops
Atmospheric pads for a haunting backdrop
Distorted Guitars Immerse yourself in the aggressive, unbridled power of distorted guitar riffs that cut through the mix. From crunchy chords to screaming solos, this pack captures the essence of a distorted guitar in its full glory.
Perfect for dark ambient, cinematic, and electronic genres
Size: 616MB

Transform your productions into a realm of demonic intensity with the “Demonic Pulse” sample pack from Sound Planet. Explore the darkness, embrace the shadows, and let the demonic pulse resonate through your music.

• All files comes in Key and bpm Format / 24-Bit Quality Wav
• License: Royalty-Free
• Size: 616 MB
• Files: 140

compatible with any and all DAWs!


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