Desert Drum Samples WAV-DECiBEL

Desert Drum Samples WAV-DECiBEL

Desert Drum Samples WAV

DECiBEL | 24 Nov 2020 | 145.0 MB

Circles Desert is the wildest drum sample library we’ve ever attempted. We wanted to push the limits to see just how far out there (literally) we could go and record drums.
We recorded in 4 unique locations in the US desert. We scoured the cactus studded landscape in our Suburban filled with recording gear and drums to find spots that called to us. The result was loops and samples from four radically different sounding locations.
This library is not typical. The dry samples are utterly dead and the ambient canyon reflections sound like Led Zeppelin. There are random crickets, fly’s and gusts of wind in some of the samples and loops.
This library will surely transport you to the deep, hot American desert.
85 Loops
116 One Shots



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