Dirty Woodwinds for Knifonium FREE

Dirty Woodwinds for Knifonium FREE

Presets | 391Kb

Dirty Woodwinds contains 24 free synth leads for Brainworx Knifonium soft synthesizer. It is a fairly simple but full of vintage character soundbank that fits for progressive rock, vintage electronic music and some psychedelic based styles – especially when the retro element is important.

This great synth has a very warm sound and those presets here are exploiting the rich harmonics and the sweet sonic character.

Please note: In some of the leads here you can listen some clicks – this happens due to the nature of the sine (mainly) and triangle (secondary) waves. Those 2 osc shapes are the basic ingredients of this soundbank. A solution is to perform in lower speeds or adjusting the attack and release time of the AMP envelope.

Comes with NKS supported presets.


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