Dotec Audio All Products v1.6.3 Incl Keygen-R2R

Dotec Audio All Products v1.6.3 R2R

Team R2R | 2023.11.01 | 70.2 MB

DeeMMax is a special loudness maximizer for mastering !
By proprietary harmonics processing technology, It is possible to get loud sound clearly by avoiding cloudiness of sound with keeping the mix balance.

Plugins list:
All DOTEC-AUDIO products for Windows, are now compatible with VST2 as well as VST3.

* DeeChannelTool
* DeeComp
* DeeCrystal
* DeeEQ
* DeeFat
* DeeFX
* DeeGain
* DeeGate
* DeeGraphComp
* DeeMMax
* DeeMax
* DeePanpot
* DeeSideIn
* DeeSpeaker
* DeeSubBass
* DeeTrim
* DeeWider


You can easily add loudness. Only one slider will control everything.
You can get the big loudness with a clean & transparent at mastering.
You can priority to dynamic ranges due to using Softness dial.
Monitor swich constants volume level of input&output for monitor

Dotec-Audio DeeEQ

Equalizer. You can get the best equalizing with only two sliders.

Dotec-Audio DeeFX

Multi Effector. Distortions, filters, and delays that are used beyond trends and genres. DeeFX is thoroughly pursues and integrates the performance of three effects. It gives improvisation that can be operated without switching allows you to embody ideas without stopping the sound. You will find combinations that you could not imagine in usage that prepare individuals.

Dotec-Audio DeeChannelTool

Channel tool & Console simulator. This is a great tool for monitoring Solo & Phase Invert when mixing & mastering. Also,Can changes the Mid-Side balance. DeeChannelTool has 2 Analog Console simulators that can simulate the over-drive sound. TYPE-A : The sound will be clear & more stereo feeling. TYPE-N : The sound will be punchy.

Dotec-Audio DeeMax

Maximizer. You can easily add loudness without disturbing the taste. Only one slider will control everything.

Dotec-Audio DeeComp

Compressor. Not by tubes, nor by transistors, DeeComp realizes an ideal dynamics solution from software calculations. DeeComp brings you a wide variety of sound-making, including some specific sound that famous simulated/emulated comp VSTs or even hardware comps can never create. You can process any kind of sound sources to best result. DeeComp would be your first choice.

Dotec-Audio DeeFat

DeeFat Auto Compressor / VST & AU plug-in. You can get FAT sounds !

Dotec-Audio DeeTrim

DeeTrim Auto Leveler / VST & AU plug-in.

Dotec-Audio DeeGate

Noise gate. DeeGate is a very simple noise gate that mutes sounds smaller than the volume you set.

Dotec-Audio DeePanpot

Channel tool. Controls PAN of the stereo source, not the BALANCE!

Dotec-Audio DeeGain

Channel tool. Insert DeeGain between the other effect plugins, then it will work like the gain/trim control of a mixer console.

Dotec-Audio DeeSpeaker

Monitor Simulator. DeeSpeaker is a plugin which simulates near-field speaker that areplaced at an angle of 45 degrees to 1m destination with a headphone.

Dotec-Audio DeeSubBass

A breathtaking sub-bass generator for modern music.From adding stability for pop music to a super sub-bass like rumbling.
It’s very easy to use, just select the song key.



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