Dub Machines Modnetic v1.3.1 Incl Keygen (WiN and macOS)-R2R

Dub Machines Modnetic v1.3.1 (WiN macOS) R2R

Team R2R | 2023.09.01 | 42.3 MB / 132.8 MB

MODNETIC offers comprehensive emulation of classic analog tape delay hardware from the 1970’s. No mere slavish analog emulation, MODNETIC also has a few digital twists…

MODNETIC gives you four powerful effects in one: supreme analog emulated tape delay, extremely realistic spring reverb choices, bucket brigade chorus / flanger / phaser and classic tone. Analog sounding on the one hand, but digital clarity and impossible tricks on the other, such as classic digital phasers, reverse-tape and clickless realtime routing options. This is built solid enough for live performance as well as to transform your studio.

Compared to Magnetic for Max for Live, MODNETIC has been optimized from the ground up for better quality and performance, as well as a wider and new set of sounds.


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