Dust Engine#1 KONTAKT-ohsie

Dust Engine#1 KONTAKT

ohsie | 10 January 2024 | 650 MB

DUST ENGINE #1 is a delicious selection of hand-knitted sounds from classic hardware synths and modern gadgets for hybrid do-it-yourself gorgeousness.

It’s great for rich, lush and grubby pads, deep, really deep unctuous subs and bright gnarled keys and plucks.

Inside the easy-to-use interface are 3 cunningly curated, interlocking articulations (4 including the crackle generator) plus 2 randomizers for instant gratification and handy FX to quickly build the perfect sound for your sonic universe.

DUST ENGINE #1 is a liberation from preset hell that just wants to be played.

the sounds
A curated selection of different synthesis styles that SIT TOGETHER BEAUTIFULLY
Long evolving samples of every note with interesting loops, multiple velocity layers and unlikely happenings.

What’s Inside ?

– One Kontakt.nki instrument(Kontakt 6)

– NO SNAPSHOTS – you don’t need them – YOU REALLY DON’T

– 2 randomizers for instant gratis faction

– 4 classic synth sound articulations

– 700MB download (NCW compressed)

– Multimode humanized ARP/sequencer

– Sample start fader

– Record crackle or tape noise articulation

– Keyboard velocity sensitivity adjustment

– Note attack speed control

– Note release control

– Multimode glue control

– Transient, tape, delay and distortion effect

– Three band EQ

– Thump control for beefy bottom

– A hint of room reverb

– Replika delay and high quality algorithmic reverb – Kontakt 6 version

– All controls will show up in DAW automation

Kontakt 6.7.1+ required


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