Dynamo 001 Edition v1.03 + AddOns-ZONE

Dynamo 001 Edition v1.03 + AddOns-ZONE

Team ZONE | 05.20.02 | 51.89 MB

With Native Instrument Dynamo 001 Edition you can use the very best Reaktor Ensembles contained in the premium library on any DigiDesign 001 equipped computer. There’re no restrictions except that you’re not able to to modify the instruments or build your own.

Dynamo 001 Edition uses the MME and DirectSound drivers for the DigiDesign 001 ( although it works with any card, but is specially designed for a Digi001 ) to produce sound. In addition, the 001 inputs can be used to process external audio signals live ( as an effects unit ) or to sample them. The DigiDesign WaveDrivers from the ProTools CD will need to be installed to use the 001.

AddOns release contains the rest of the Premium Library that Dynamo 001 Edition uses and the German pdf manuals.


32Bit Real-time Synthesis.
Adjustable internal processing speed from 22.05 kHz to 132.3 kHz.
Freely connectable signal processing structures.
Freely connectable signal processing structures.
Maximum number of instruments: 16.
Maximum number of voices per instrument: 64.
128 snapshots per instrument.
Full MIDI control (In/Out) of all panel elements.
Audio-Recording and WAV (PC) / AIFF (MAC) file Export.
Synthesis: Analogue Modelling, Waveshaping, FM, Waveset, & Granular Synthesis, Sampling.
Imports WAV and AIFF (PC and Mac) as well as SoundDesigner II (Mac).
Premium Library included (25 Reaktor synth/sampler/FX ensembles).

System Requirements :

– Any Digidesign 001 equipped computer.
– Windows 95/98.


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