Evenant Orchestral Sketching TUTORiAL

Evenant Orchestral Sketching TUTORiAL

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Accelerate Your Composing Speed

Orchestral Sketching is the art of creating rough mockups of your musical themes with only a handful of tracks. It can help you capture the essence of your theme in as little as a few minutes.

But it also forces you to pay attention to the core building blocks of your theme, exposing your flaws, and making it easy to see where you should improve.

This course will take you through the process of crafting your own orchestral sketch template, picking the right libraries and sounds, as well as processing them to sound awesome right out of the box. So that you can just input your melodies, chords, and background elements and get solid sounding mockups in a matter of minutes.

Through 5 hours of video content, you will not only learn how to set up your sketch template and record musical ideas faster than you could ever imagine, but also how to turn these theme ideas into full track structures at lightning speed using simple techniques.

It is a course aimed towards helping you write both clearer, stronger, and faster.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

º Why orchestral sketching is such a powerful tool for composers
º How to successfully incorporate the crucial elements of an effective sketch template
º How to set up your own designated sketch zone from scratch
º Recommended libraries, plugins and patches for each element of your sketch
º My tips for processing and mixing for a great sound out of the box
º Fundamental orchestration tips for more powerful sketches
º How to take a simple theme, and sketch a full composition outline from it
º Optimizing your template to save RAM and get more out of your system
º Transferring your sketch into your main template effortlessly
º How I approach recording full sketches from scratch




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