Face Melt for bx_oberhausen

Face Melt for bx_oberhausen

Presets | 1.2 Mb

Face Melt for bx_oberhausen generally represents my modest vision of LORN music style. Accordingly, You just keep in mind that most of 252 presets here will be detuned and spoiled. So let this Oberheim replication melt under your fingers, get defaced and show the beauty of mutilation!

Presets include:
Arp 10 (+2 Bonused)
Bass 10 (+2 Bonused)
FX 5 (+1 Bonused)
Kick Bass 3
Lead 25 (+11 Bonused)
Pad 50 (+41 Bonused)
Pluck 50 (+36 Bonused)
Swell 3
Violin 1 (+2 Bonused)


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