Fatal Rebirth Sample Library WAV-ARCADiA

Fatal Rebirth Sample Library WAV

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JST Fatal Rebirth: The Soundscape of a Collapsed World

Journey into a dystopian soundscape where AI rules, and humanity’s echoes intertwine with the future’s vibrations. Introducing “JST Fatal Rebirth” — a testament to the magic of granular synthesis, designed for tracks that tell tales of worlds reshaped by machines.

A Symphony of the Lost and the Reclaimed

With “JST Fatal Rebirth”, you’re not just getting sounds; you’re immersing yourself in a narrative. Each composition, each beat, and each texture tells a story of a world transformed by profound events – a world both haunting and fascinating.

Inside “JST Fatal Rebirth”:

Handcrafted: Born from the ashes for a fallen society, this collection by the wildly talented @MoeTheNatural and Joey Sturgis is an audial manifestation of a desolation and intricate beauty.

20 Composition Kits (100 stems): Think of these as mini-songs that you can manipulate, pitch, slice, and completely tear apart and build back up to make your own. Each kit is a journey in itself, with 3-5 stems per composition. From the ominous rumble of “Devastator” to the contemplative vibes of “Dreamer,” these tracks offer a diverse range of emotions and atmospheres.

10 Drum Breaks & 6 Drum Kits: Discover hybrid drum sounds built from an array of real-world effects and textures. Featuring 20 Kicks, 20 Snares, 20 Hats, 20 Percussive Elements, 20 Cymbal Sounds, and 20 Tonal Elements.

20 FX Loops & 20 Impacts: Perfect for crafting dramatic transitions and enhancing atmospheres with tension and depth.

10 Swells: Elevate your productions with cinematic transitions.

Revolutionary Sound Design with Granular Synthesis

We dove deep into granular synthesis and sound design to create this pack. The result is a collection of sounds that are not just heard but felt – a testament to the creative possibilities when technology meets art.

High-Quality Audio

All samples are available in 48 kHz, 24-bit WAV format, meticulously organized by category, complete with BPM and key information for seamless integration.

Royalty-Free & Ready-to-Use

“JST Fatal Rebirth” offers 100% royalty-free sounds, ready to integrate into your projects. Please note, redistribution and repackaging are strictly prohibited.

What You’ll Get:

48 kHz, 24-bit WAV Files
20 Composition Kits (100 stems total)
10 Drum Breaks & 6 Drum Kits (120 unique drum sounds)
20 FX Loops, 20 Impacts & 10 Swells
Total Sample Count: Over 250


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