fdler audio Plug-ins Bundle 2024.5-V.R

fdler audio Plug-ins Bundle 2024.5-V.R

V.R | 24 May 2024 | 124 MB

Fiedler Audio was founded 2013, with the goal of delivering the highest quality products for sound and sound design. We are dedicated to the creation of professional music and audio software that expands the horizons of musicians, DJ’s, audio engineers and producers. Our greatest desire is to enable amateurs and professionals alike to realize their dreams and ideas at the highest level, wherever they may be – whether in the studio, at a gig, in the comfort of their living room or in the park, our software offers new and innovative ways to evolve.

atmos composer v1.5.0
gravitas MDS v1.0.0
MPEG-H Exporter v1.0
spacelab ignition v1.5.4
spacelab interstellar v1.5.4
stage v1.2.0

more info @ https://fiedler-audio.com/products

just install

Team V.R


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