Foreign Tongues Electric Ensemble WAV

Foreign Tongues Electric Ensemble WAV

11 September 2023 | 761 MB

Close your eyes and put yourself in a dreamlike world of lush forests with unknown mystical creatures lurking between the ferns. Picture a symphony of fantastical sounds and lights swirling around you creating a whirlwind of mystic music that sweeps you off your feet. You have dreamt you way into the imaginary world of Foreign Tongues.

Foreign Tongues: Electric Ensemble is a secret sauce for any composer or producer searching for a feeling of mystery and fantasy. Crafted by multi Instrumentalist producer Carey Clayton and cellist Little Kruta, Foreign Tongues is filled with emotional melodies, textural soundscapes, and glitched acoustic elements that coalesce into an unusual yet beautiful cinematic ensemble.

Ranging from lush string beds, soaring guitars, experimental guitars, and folky acoustic instruments, this pack provides a deep and specific palette for the bold sonic story teller. Explores these eclectic samples today and take your music into a new realm of cinematic wonder.

276 Samples


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