Friedman Bundle 2024.5-TCD

Friedman Bundle 2024.5-TCD

TCD | 05.2024 | 15.4 MB

Get the ultimate American Plexi guitar amp plugin
Jim Marshall originally designed the British tube Plexi heads, famously used by legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Dave Friedman, an American innovator, enhanced these designs with his expertise in modifying Marshall Plexis, leading to the creation of the BE-100 hardware. This hardware, celebrated by artists like Alice in Chains, Pink, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, The Cult, and Foo Fighters, is renowned for its applications in classic rock, hard rock, metal, punk, country, and blues.

This amp is lesser known than the 646, but you should listen to the audio examples below.
Very versatile, rocking amp for anything from Jazz to Hard Rock. Less aggressive than a 646, but reaching into metal territory, especially if you combine it with some nice pedals, and can be played with more expression as it reacts to the incoming signal very realistic. If you like to play with the volume knob on your guitar, this is your amp!

Natively Yours! Iconic British Tube Sound from a Boutique Legend
If you are after that iconic guitar sound of the 60’s and 70’s, rest assured that the Dirty Shirley Amp will give you one hell of a tone! Influenced by the design of the Marshall JTM-45, the Friedman DS-40 delivers a rich sound that is reminiscent of the guitar work heard on early Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top records. The new Plugin Alliance version features 105 high end recording chains, a scalable user interface and a Recording Chain On/Off parameter. Now in all major native formats, take advantage of the vibrant tones made popular by the legendary British guitar amps used by the likes of Jimmy Page, Jerry Cantrell, Billy Gibbons and Eddie Van Halen.

Friedman BE-100 v1.4.1
Friedman Buxom Betty v1.2.1
Friedman DS-40 v1.4.1

x64: AAX, VST3, VST2 | x86: JBridge files


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