Frost 2023 macOS

Frost 2023 macOS

macOS | JAN 2024 | 218 MB

Frost is the new, powerful, fully “Hyper” channel strip plugin from the Acqua series, available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. It represents the ultimate expression of Acustica’s new high-performance Hyper technology.

This channel strip is one of Acustica’s most versatile and creative plugins, able to take on just about any job. Its functionality was inspired by a range of precise, valuable tools commonly used by the best pro audio engineers around the world, and carefully curated by Acustica to create the ultimate all-in-one channel strip. It is made up of three processing modules: an EQ section, a dynamic section, and a pre/clipper/saturator section. Each one of them does great on its own — but when they’re combined, sparks fly!

This plugin is special thanks to its extreme versatility and adaptability. It’s so precisely controllable, and its sonic character is so configurable, that its use isn’t limited to any one task or musical genre. Ranging from ultra-clean to warm and fuzzy, and from aggressive to chilled-out, Frost is all about supporting your sonic choices and artistic needs.

Once you give Frost a test-drive, this British-style channel strip will become your go-to plugin. It provides all the basic processing you need — equalization (static and dynamic), compression, pre-amplification, saturation and a clipper — in one single, easy-to-manage product. It’s a 360-degree product, designed to function effectively and organically in even the trickiest of mixes or more complex projects.

This innovative and versatile plugin will help you manage your sounds easily, creating that much sought-after sonic “glue” that pro audio engineers used to have to buy expensive hardware to achieve. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful and cohesive effect that one simple plugin can have on your mixes, regardless of musical genre.

Frost can also be a great tool for sculpting vocals and solo instruments, giving them a considerable energy boost thanks to its preamplification/saturation section; or for widening the stereo panorama, giving it more depth and dimension thanks to its EQ section.

Also, don’t underestimate the potential of the dynamic equalizer included in this plugin: it can help make your mixing and mastering workflow quick and efficient.

Hyper technology.
Hyper “glue” compressor plus two brickwall limiters.
Hyper “British-style” 4-band EQ plus HP-LP filters.
Hyper dynamic EQ mode.
Hyper saturation/preamp/clipper.
3 modes of operation: Classic Stereo (LR), Mid or Side.
External sidechain.
Top-quality product suite with a distinctive and impeccable sound.
Oversampling for all sections.
Low CPU consumption.


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