Fundamentals Of Snare Drumming: The Practice Snare Drum Online Course

Fundamentals Of Snare Drumming

English | 2018 pages | (2021) | EPUB | 6 MB

FUNDAMENTAL OF SNARE DRUMMING THE SNARE DRUM ONLINE COURSE is a drummer course that has never been seen before.

Intended for beginners and more advanced drummers.

A 30-day snare course contains hundreds of exercises – not just for a month, but for many weeks and months.

Each lesson of the course consists of several consciously selected exercises, described in words and music, and recorded in the form of video.

Active music scores allow you to easily go to the illustration of the exercise.

The recommended speed helps you learn every exercise from scratch and lead to greater speed.

By using my course, you will complete your snare drum set, develop creativity in building your own hands patterns, learn to improvise based on established figures, increase your technical dexterity and awareness of working with a snare drum.

You get the lesson with the exercises by email each day and after the course you get comfortable access to all materials.

You learn the snare drum from the practical side – deepening your technical awareness and learning to use snare drum techniques in your everyday playing.

You practice not only rudiments, but also many other useful hand patterns and rudiments.

You learn to build training using different ways of working with a snare drum.

During the course, I discuss the basics and show how to develop them using various creative training methods.

You work in an interval and continuous way – isometric, such work allows you to develop the necessary muscle groups and develops drummer’s precision and endurance.

In addition to hand dexterity, You also build timing, coordination, dynamics and musicality.

Build symmetrical exercises – learning to change sides freely and asymmetrically – to make up for your weaker hand.

Actively turn on dynamics – because then exercises have a musical sense.

Create schemes based on specific snare techniques to develop a given hitting technique on relevant examples.

Transfer mastered work systems of hands into a drum set, playing grooves and fills.

I invite you to my 30 day snare course!


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