Future Past Perfect Groove Agent Expansion (Wav Extract)

Future Past Perfect Groove Agent Expansion (Wav Extract)

WAV| 44,1Hz | 48Hz | 96Hz

Future Past Perfect: a full-on beat production toolkit for New York house, future house, progressive house and techno for Steinberg’s Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4. Replete with hundreds of cutting-edge drum sounds guaranteed to fill the dancefloors over the next decade, Future Past Perfect also includes a wealth of classic sounds from the last two decades of house music. Showcasing the perfect sonic craftsmanship of New York house producer Dean Coleman, this sumptuously rich collection offers 33 full kits encompassing drums, SFX, synth blips and stabs to take your house beats to the next level.

*****Wav files extracted for use in all daws*****
Each loop bounced at its original Bpm


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