FX C660 mk3 Tube Compressor N2P N2V Skins

FX C660 mk3 Tube Compressor N2P N2V Skins

(Nebula Library) N2P N2V Skins | 65.82 MB

This Nebula library is based on a highly regarded modern recreation of the classic 660 compressor. It can sound ‘creamy’, yet still clear and detailed, and that aspect of the sound has been translated to these programs. It has been called the best compressor around for vocals by many, as well as for slamming drums, and among other uses it can even give sounds a nice sheen without engaging the compression, or using very little. Definitely a ‘character piece’. You can also use the pass-through programs which don’t provide any compression but do provide some nice saturation/harmonics.

This library is now available in 4 sample rates- 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz, and 96khz.

A recent skin update now allows for switching between the lite, full, SHQ programs by clicking the buttons on the skin, for the Nebula 4 version. This was previously only possible with the N3 skins. Having that ability really completes this compressor and makes using and switching between the quality options a breeze.

This library includes:

3 different compressors (A, B, and C)- all sampled from the same unit, but sampled using different input drive levels, different combinations of control settings , and slightly different signal path setups. All you really need to know is that they all behave slightly differently, and you may find that you prefer one over the others for particular tasks, so you just have to try to get to know all of them and find those preferences. You may also find that each of the 3 have different ‘sweet spots’ on the sampled thresh 2 control.

A fourth, special bonus compressor (D-Special) that were sampled using the same hardware compressor, but in combination with a **76 compressor which was driving the input of the c660 ‘clone’. At higher levels of gain reduction you’re also getting some compression from the 76. To make it more interesting I also took the attack/release behavior from an entirely different compressor- my 4k-Crunch release. It’s also using a different level detection mode. So this one should sound and work very differently from A, B, or C. Think of this as an interesting kind of Frankenstein hybrid bonus.

Four preamp style ‘pass-through’ programs, sampled from the gear in various ways. These don’t compress your signal, they’re just for use as subtle saturation/tone coloring tools. These programs alone are very useful and provide a lot of value to the library!

Some really nice skins by JPN, for use with both Nebula 3 and Nebula 4. They have special switches you can click to switch between lite, full, and SHQ versions of the compressor, without losing your settings on the controls.

This first one is shows what it can do to a full mix. This mix probably has the vocals up too high, but you can still easily hear just a few examples of the kinds of slick sheen that this thing can impart on audio. First you hear it dry, then the entire mix is processed together, a few different times with different programs and settings, with short static bursts between each change.

This one is a drum mix. First the hats+cymbals and the kick+snare are compressed separately as two separate mixes, for a few db of compression each, then those groups are mixed together for another round of compression. First you hear dry, then compressed, then again with everything really squashed.

This one is a kind of minimal mix with drums and a bit of backing, and vocals. This time only the vocals get compressed. First you hear everything dry, then first the vocals are ran through the special pass-through program that used a 1176 to drive the 660 and another after it. You can use it as a compressor that acts differently from the others since its actually the 660 being overdriven/saturated. Then you hear a couple examples of different compressor programs using different settings on the vocals.


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