Gadget 3 Plugins v3.0.26 macOS-R2R

Gadget 3 Plugins v3.0.26 macOS-R2R

Team R2R | 13 Jan 2024 | 5.07GB

More Powerful Than Ever, Quickly Turn Your Ideas Into Music
A Complete, Seamlessly Integrated Music Production Ecosystem

KORG Gadget is the ideal all-in-one music production software and plug-in suite featuring over 40 small synthesizers/drum machines (“gadgets”), which can be freely combined to create music driven by a powerful yet intuitive user interface. The range of products includes the award-winning iOS version, a Mac version that includes all functions and plug-ins, and a plug-in version that can be used with your favorite DAW on Mac/PC.

KORG Gadget 3 offers an expanded variety of even more features to quickly turn your ideas into music, including two new gadgets, five insert effects (IFX), a new genre select system, and VST3 and AUv3 support. In addition, the user interface has been brushed up to make the Gadget Browser, IFX page, and Play page even more intuitive. KORG Gadget 3 is the perfect tool to quickly turn your ideas into music.

Gadget Instrument Collection with a total over 6,000 sound programs
New gadgets: Santa Ana (Guitar) and Sydney (Sampler)
A genre select function that allows you to create songs from your favorite patterns
5 new IFX including an 8-Band EQ, Stereo Imager, Transient Shaper, and more
The Play page: easy arpeggiator use and chord entry
A whole new sound browser that lets you select gadgets by the timbre you want
AUv3 support on iOS, allowing gadgets to be used in other music apps like Garageband


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