Guitar Chords Encyclopedia: Fast Reference for the Chords

Guitar Chords Encyclopedia

English | 2020  | 258 Pages | PDF | 19 MB

A Huge Variety of Chord Types – Tailored to YOUR Playing Style. Much More Than a Dictionary, It’s a World of Creative Possibilities. You’ll Want to Refer to This Book Often.

Guitar Chords Encyclopedia has the chords you’ve been seeking, no matter your style of playing. Big chords for strumming, smaller tight chords for rhythm work and drop-voicing extended chords for jazz and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for chords to help learn new songs or you need a creative spark for your music, you’ll find what you’re seeking quickly.
Over 3,500 chord diagrams and over 250 pages – skillfully organized and useful.

The emphasis in this encyclopedia is on organizing the universe of chords so you can find just the ones that interest you quickly. Each chord has been curated for useability and playability. Impossible to reach chords have been omitted.

Standard chord notation is used, like that you’ll find with many songbooks. Fingerings and note names are included with each diagram. Have you ever tried learning a new song and but didn’t recognize the chord symbol? Use the last chapter, “Chord Symbol Reference” to look up those unfamiliar symbols.

Additionally, learn how chords are spelled in the chapter “Spelling Chords”. Understand the various basic types of chords: major, minor, dominant, augmented and diminished as well as the extensions that modify them, like 7ths and 9ths. Learn how to simplify complex chords for playability while keeping things musical.
Different guitarists need different chords. Making music is not a “one-size-fits-all” process. Get chords to fit your specific needs.

Most chord dictionaries throw in every type of chord, all over the place. Guitar Chords Encyclopedia is sorted based on the style of chord you need. Have a look:

First, chapters are sorted by the chord roots alphabetically, A through G#.

Next, chords are sorted by the style of use:

BIG – 4, 5 and 6-string chords great for strumming. Great for singer/songwriters and soloists.

COMPACT – 2, 3 and 4-string triadic chords that make rhythm guitar parts pop. Great for fitting in with Blues, Country and Rock groups.

VIVID – Chords rich with extensions and lively colors. Many “drop” voicings that are a favorite with jazz, soul, soundtrack and avant-garde players.
Find the chords you need quickly. In just three steps, you’ll have your answers.

Here’s how Guitar Chords Encyclopedia works:

Turn to the chapter of the chord root you need
Find your chord style
Select your chord by Major/Minor/Dominant, etc.

Complete Chapter Listing:

•How to Use This Book
•Spelling Chords
•Chords with Root A
•Chords with Root A sharp – B flat
•Chords with Root B
•Chords with Root C
•Chords with Root C sharp – D flat
•Chords with Root D
•Chords with Root D sharp – E flat
•Chords with Root E
•Chords with Root F
•Chords with Root F sharp – G flat
•Chords with Root G
•Chords with Root G sharp – A flat
•Chord Symbol Reference

An entirely new approach to organizing guitar chords. You’ll enjoy using this enormous collection of chords for years to come.

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258 pages, 8 ½” by 11” paperback with gloss cover.



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