Helix v2020.05.24 (Win Mac) R2R

Helix v2020.05.24 (Win Mac) R2R

R2R | 01.2021 | 9.2 MB | 9.7 MB

Helix is a unique synthesizer-plugin with a sonic clarity beyond the competition. Soaring leads, solid basses, glimmering pads… Helix does it all.[cut]

Why Helix?
The main oscillators of Helix allow you to pick from hundreds of included waveforms, or load your own. The waveform can be further bent and warped by two sets of controls, A and B. The in-between states are automatically created into something similar to a wave-table. The oscillator can then sweep across this sound-scape for unique and lively sounds.

Inspired by the “super-saw”, Helix takes the unison-concept to the next level and allow you to make any waveform “super”. This makes Helix capable of huge and wide unison pads and leads.
Great care has been taken to ensure no aliasing in the oscillators, so the sound is free from many artifacts traditionally associated with software (and Virtual Analog) synthesizers.

All parts of Helix are stereo in – stereo out. Oscillators, filters, shapers and effects. This enables a wider sound.
Three Filters per voice, including traditional low/band/high pass, EQ, and comb, less usual dynamics, to the exotic String Model and PM Delay, a delay where the delay-time is modulated in audio-rate.

Three stages of distortion / waveshaping per voice. Find your favourite style of dirt.
Both the Voice architecture and the Effects of Helix follow an approach where a signal can be mixed in or sent to the effect at any point. The result is unique freedom on how to apply filters and effects.

4 stereo oscillators per voice
Innovative Wave-Shaping-Morphing
Digital Noise (sample and hold)
Analog Pulse / Analog Dual-Saw
Rompler (sfz compatible)
3 innovative stereo filters per voice
Ladder Emulation
Ring-Mod / Amp-Mod / Phase-Modulation
String-model (the incoming signal is the exciter)
Delay-Line with Audio-Rate modulation



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