Highland Bagpipe Basic Exercises – Absolute Beginners TUTORiAL

Highland Bagpipe Basic Exercises TUTORiAL

MP4 | 1280×720 |  English  | 49m | 1.03 GB

What you’ll learn
Learn to play the highland bagpipe step by step.
The participant learns the important melody notes when playing the bagpipes, which form the absolute basis.
The melody notes are the absolute basis for learning to play the bagpipes.
In other courses these melody notes are often not practised enough at the beginning, so that the student has difficulties to practise the next lessons properly.
No musical knowledge required.
The course is suitable for all languages.
The participant should have the desire and motivation to practice regularly.
Highland Bagpipe Lessons – Basic Exercises 1 + 2 – learn the Highland Bagpipe step by step with Andy Hambsch – cetified by the College of Piping Glasgow

The first step: basic melody notes of the Highland Bagpipe. These nine notes are the absolute foundation.

For this course for absolute beginners you need a Practice Chanter and ideally the “Bagpipe Tutorial Book” by Andreas Hambsch.

Highland Bagpipe Basic Exercises



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