Hybrid Keys v2.1.0 KONTAKT DVDR

Hybrid Keys v2.1.0 KONTAKT DVDR

14/09/2023 | 3.95 GB

A contemporary instrument offering new versions of keyboards and pianos. It employs innovative techniques such as reamplification, creative mic placement, and variable speed tape experiments.

A modern, creative and completely new version of keyboards and piano sounds. HYBRID KEYS is moving away from conventional sampling processes to focus on innovative methods such as re-amplification, creative placement of microphones in interesting spaces and experiments on changing the speed of the tape.

2.0.2 — 2021-09-21
FIXED Issue where attempting to load certain effects resulted in loading a different effect, after loading a snapshot.

FIXED Issue where stopping host transport during a long note while sequencer is running would result in hanging notes.

FIXED Any patches using Tape Saturator effect in HQ mode have the HQ mode disabled now (in order to prevent audio cut-outs and pops).


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