Impulse Response Libraries Rock-Box V30EN-1999A

Impulse Response Libraries Rock-Box V30EN-1999A

P2P | 10 March 2024 | 5 MB

The OwnHammer Rock-Box cabinets are proprietary enclosures, designed and built in-house singularly for impulse response capture and towards multiple sound design goals: to maximize fidelity and musicality for use in a broad range of styles and applications, to provide a tone that is both something familiar and something new, and to exude a neutrality that allows the individuality of different speakers, guitars, pickups, amps, and playing nuances to shine through unencumbered. Various unique construction choices were implemented to accomplish this complex requirement set to outstanding result, providing a tone with clean low end, magical midrange, smooth high end, and incredible note clarity across the entire spectrum.

Fame Factor: This speaker hails from OwnHammer founder/owner Kevin Rowe’s first 4×12 cabinet. This set was used in all live performances and studio recordings for his music projects prior to the inception of the OwnHammer music production product company, and as a result is the “sound in his head” that many similar OwnHammer speaker cabinet products are largely referenced against.

Feature Set:

40 unique multi-mic mixes, all captured through major production/mastering grade signal chain:
• Classic Cab – 5 mic mixes, 5 positions each (25 IR’s)
• Blend Cab – 1 mic mix, 5 positions (5 IR’s)
• Modern Cab – 1 mic mix, 5 mic positions (5 IR’s)
• Tall Vintage Cab – 1 mic mix, 5 mic positions (5 IR’s)
No post processing has been applied to any component of this library, allowing the inherent gear to present in its natural state; warts, quirks, charms, and all.

File Format Wave Audio (.wav)

Wave audio format IR’s (.wav) are compatible with convolution reverb type loaders in recording software and outboard hardware units. The files in this library are:
• 24 bit resolution
• 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz sample rates
• minimum phase transformed
• 208 millisecond Mono


Based on and seeking to recreate the sound of:
• Make: Celestion
• Model: Vintage 30 (T3904)
• Diameter: 12 inches
• Year: 1999 (14GJ)
• Impedance: 16 ohm
• Fs: 55 Hz (444 cone)


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