Inside the Track 91 Mixing ‘Howler’ TUTORiAL

Inside the Track 91 Mixing TUTORiAL

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An accomplished musician, producer and engineer, Hill Kourkoutis wears many hats in the studio. To kick off her debut series, the Canadian polymath takes us inside the production and mixing of the JUNO award-winning song ‘Howler’ by SATE. The ferocious track features roaring electric guitars, saturated vocals and thundering electro-acoustic drums.

Part 1
15 min
Career journey, songwriting, studio roles, artist relationships, production aesthetics, overall workflow

Part 2
16 min
Mixing overview, analog gear, plugin selection, gain staging

Part 3
14 min
Mix bus, kick, snare drum

Part 4
17 min
Cymbal selection, hi-hats, tom toms, overheads, room mics, kit blend

Part 5
18 min
Sample replacement, transitions, creating contrast, quantization, bass guitar

Part 6
21 min
Rhythm guitars, lead guitar, pedals, keyboards, creative processing

Part 7
20 min
Recording vocals, home recording, vocal doubling, ad-libs

Part 8
21 min
Backing vocals, wolf recordings, vocal blend, mix bus recap, mastering


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